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Cash register tapes, pricing machine tapes

The cash register tapes and pricing machine tapes are similar as both are used to display prices. Cash register tapes go into cash registers while pricing machine tapes go into pricing machines. Cash register tapes can be paper-based or plastic-based, and they can display prices, product names, and expiration dates on their printing surface. Pricing machine tapes are similar but they are used exclusively in pricing machines for displaying prices and product information. The frequency of replacing both types of tapes depends on usage frequency and printing quality.

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Cash register tapes are made of plastic or paper, which ensure their durability and reliability. They are widely used in shops, stores, or service places. Printing prices with the help of the tape ensures proper data storage and record keeping. Different sized and colored tapes are available, which are compatible with various cash registers. The accuracy and sharpness of price printing depends on the quality of the tape.

Cash register tapes are available in the following sizes: 37 x 50mm, 57 x 30mm, 57 x 40mm, 57 x 50mm, 80 x 80mm.


Pricing machine tapes have a printing surface on which prices and other important information (such as product name, expiration date, etc.) are displayed for customers. Pricing machine tapes are usually made of paper or plastic and come in varying widths, lengths, and printing quality. The frequency of replacing the pricing machine tapes depends on the frequency of use and printing quality.

Pricing machine tapes are available in the following sizes: 22 x 12mm, 22 x 16mm, 26 x 12mm, 26 x 16mm.